Vale John McConnell

BBU – New video

The Faceless Men – Jeff Beck cover

The Faceless Men – ‘The Action’ live

KB at The Manly Fig

Supro Valco arises

What this has to do with design and photography I do not know – but felt like sharing with a few guitar-nerd friends.  The title on the picture explains what this amp is – it’s small and cute and not that loud, but in the studio when you get it cranked up (1 volume knob and 1 tone control, that’s it!!!) it is a little rock monster.  I’ve read about these amps and how they’ve been used on some classic rock records but never got the chance to hear one in person.  Now I have, I doubt I’ll be getting the Marshall out again anytime soon… it was quite sick when I got it, but Dr. Ivan Richards healed it beautifully.  Just some random noodling and that distortion is pure amp – no pedals used whatsoever!  Turn your speakers up to get the full effect…


Georgia Fall Photoshoot

Georgia Fall shoot went extremely well, always great to have too many photos to choose from for final processing. Lee Hanly did a stellar job as usual on hair and make-up. She makes a photographer’s job a million times easier both during the shoot and afterwards when processing the photos – thanks Lee.

Katrina Burns Photoshoot

Had a great photoshoot recently with Katrina Burns from Victoria. With Aneta (mum) on ‘flecky’ duty we were blessed with some killer early morning sunshine which let us do exactly what we needed to – as we were chasing a real sun-drenched style of shoot this time. Beautiful people and a pleasure to work with, thanks guys.


New Art – September

Quite a varied month – photoshoots, design work and plenty of studio work with Harmony James’ album tracking at Alberts Studios and plenty of overdub work from Simon Johnson’s various projects – will post some photos from some of the sessions soon. Was lucky enough to get to revamp some 60’s album art for Unit 4+2 for an upcoming best of 2-album release on iTunes. Aleyce Simmonds released her album, Country Update Issue 70 made it’s way out into the world, Kimberley Bowden’s posters made their way on to my studio wall and I’m in the middle of creating some t-shirt artwork for a retro motorcycle brand – these shirts are going to look great and when they’re printed I’ll be wearing them everywhere.


August – Music Month

August… the month of the Gympie Muster!  This means it’s music time folks.  Charting new songs, learning the old licks and brushing up on the manuals to try and figure out how to use this space-ship of a pedal-board again. Much fun.

The recording studio has been busy with guitar overdubs on records galore – notably Aleyce Simmonds, Travis Collins, Adam James and ABC Music for Kids thanks to my old pal Sean Peter from Autopilot Productions who kindly allowed my 2 year old daughter Tia to contribute her vocals to a new Kids TV theme song.

Photography has been busy, will post some new shoots soon and the design side of things has been flat out as per usual. Have added a few new examples to the Design page to keep things updated. Until next time, thanks for visiting.


Darren Percival & James Morrison on Sunrise

Sept-Oct busy, busy, busy…

Plenty happening lately with much fun up at Nash Chambers’ studio tracking Ashleigh Dallas’ debut album with a bunch of the best (Matt Fell, Kasey Chambers, Nash Chambers, Shane Nicholson, Joshua Schuberth, Brett Dallas, Lindsay Dallas).  Songs were killer, keep an eye out for that one.

Darren Percival has kindly asked me to join him and his band lately, which for a simple country guitarist, means desperately trying to remember all those extended chords I used to play and trying not to to do pedal-steel bends during Ray Charles songs etc.  Not easy, but working on it.  What a band to play with – James Hazelwood, Paul Gray, Hamish Stuart and when we’re extra lucky, Bill Risby.  Dang…

Plenty of shoots, have uploaded some of the Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson pics plus a handful from Luke Austen, Tamara Stewart and Amos Morris.  Many more to come. Have also added a few new design bits and pieces to the Design page.