Directed by Stephen James King

Kim Cheshire is a ‘real’ artist.  He, and all involved in this project worked hard to release this small but powerful statement about war.  In his words:

“Hi there folks, I’ve finally finished my anti war video, some of the images are shocking and disturbing but alas this is the world we are living in and I’m absolutely sick of it. The song was written by myself and Kevin Bennett, it was produced by Glen Hannah and the video was directed by Steven James King. Everybody who contributed their time and talent either worked for free or a reduced fee, the rest was financed by myself and my wife. If you feel any affinity with the sentiment please help us share it around as we’d like it to be seen by as many people as possible.
I would prefer you to keep your personal political opinions for some other post as this is solely about the horror of war and the role mainstream media plays in informing us about the truth of the consequences of war; I am well aware that many of you have a variety of strong political opinions as I most certainly do myself but I’d prefer to keep the focus here on the inhumanity of war in all it’s forms.”


WARNING: Contains Graphic Images — Viewer Discretion Advised.
Music & Lyrics by Kim Cheshire and Kevin Bennett

Featuring: Patrick Chong, Renee Lim, Aluet Kuai, Joy Hruby, Genevieve Lemon, Darcey Wilson, Julian Pulvermacher, Darcy Clarke, Verena Franz, Uma Kali Shakti, Susan Young, John Hickey, Martin Dingle-Wall, Alexander Mugford, Shivam Kalra and Kim Cheshire.

DOP — Simon Koloadin, Editor — Benjamin Hargrave, Make Up — Brigitte Serhan, Camera Assistant — Luke Davis, Colorist — Rob Sarroff, 1st AD –James Van De Grift

Glen Hannah (Guitar), Jeff McCormack (Bass), Steve Fearnley (Drums), Kevin Bennett (Backing/Added Vocals). Track produced, engineered and mixed by Glen Hannah. Mastered by Jeff McCormack.