The Faceless Men – Jeff Beck cover

Supro Valco arises

What this has to do with design and photography I do not know – but felt like sharing with a few guitar-nerd friends.  The title on the picture explains what this amp is – it’s small and cute and not that loud, but in the studio when you get it cranked up (1 volume knob and 1 tone control, that’s it!!!) it is a little rock monster.  I’ve read about these amps and how they’ve been used on some classic rock records but never got the chance to hear one in person.  Now I have, I doubt I’ll be getting the Marshall out again anytime soon… it was quite sick when I got it, but Dr. Ivan Richards healed it beautifully.  Just some random noodling and that distortion is pure amp – no pedals used whatsoever!  Turn your speakers up to get the full effect…